In the past few days, thousands of doctors, nurses and volunteers all over the country had gave up their own safety to storm their support at the front line. The fight against Covid-19 has not yet ended, and the shared consensus of the community is the most important at the moment. It is not only about the work of the doctors, but each of us must self-consciously protect ourselves and our family ... even the smallest things can help the frontline workers work more firmly.
As part of the “Covid-19 Frontline Support” campaign, OSEMEF donated 1,000 Medical Protective suits, 17 boxes of field rations, 500 N95 masks to Cu Chi field hospital on the morning of April 16 2020, in order to give strength and fighting spirit to the team of medical doctors - those on the front line against the Covid-19 epidemic.
This is an activity in the campaign chain "COVID-19 Frontline Support" of the OSEMEF Fund (OSEVEN Health & Education Fund) of OSEVEN Joint Stock Company. With the desire to contribute practically, small and timely to encourage the spirit and express gratitude to the medical team, doctors, medical staffs in disease prevention and control. Hopefully, they will fight hard and come home safely with their families.
In the spirit of solidarity, hope the kind deeds of OSEMEF will spread day by day! Not only the "COVID-19 Frontline Support" campaign but also many other activities of OSEMEF later.