The first monsoon rains have appeared and another rainy season is coming. The persistent rain can make the house go moldy. Apply some simple tips below to help your home stay dry, aromatic in the coming rainy days! 

1. Keep the floor clean and dry

Use a dry towel to wipe the floor scattered by rain water. Never use wet towels, as this will only make your house more moldy and the atmosphere more unpleasant.

2. Ventilation

You should make the most of rain-free time, opening all windows and doors for ventilation. This allows trapped air to escape and eliminate moisture, odors in the house, as well as allowing the floor to dry faster.

3. Avoid bringing umbrellas, raincoats, and wet shoes into the house

It is advisable to design a bucket placed next to the foot mat at the entrance to hold rain gear when they are wet until drained.

With this simple method, you can prevent the spread of rain water on the floor to keep it dry even during rainy days.