The time from 2008 by now is considered to be the most difficult period for the last 20 years. The Vietnamese economy has experienced lots of unpredictable problems with macro-economy instability, inflation, high interest rate, the devaluation of Vietnam Dong, the freeze of real estate market, the fierce fluctuation of gold price, and the speedy slipping of the stock market… These crisis has directly impacted to the operation and business of thousands of Vietnamese companies, where OSEVEN Corporation is not the exemption. Due to our focus on product quality and customer care services, the company not only stands firmly against those challenges, but also achieves positive results in our manufacturing, trading, and investment activities.

With step by step development, OSEVEN always maintain the production growth target of 30%/year, established more than 1.500 retail points in a short time. This fact has proved that the OSEVEN wood paint is always the choice No. 1 of the consumers.

In the journey of building brand, if we only focus on building the appearance without improving the quality and specialization to achieve to professional development following the international standards, customers shall leave us. With this reminder, our director board always improve the management, find the right trading method, train and upgrade skill and knowledge for the staffs, develop and extend the distribution network with more agents and branches to reach nearer to the customers, and invest to equip more machineries and equipment with highest technology following European standards.

Besides, by learning from experience, we perfect ourselves from success or failure. With the endurance in maintaining the business concept against all difficulties, we determine to walk on the righteous way, establish the prestige basing on providing high quality products, reasonable price, satisfying services, and constant improvements.

OSEVEN is a joint stock corporation basing in Binh Duong province with seven branches in North, Central, and South regions. Having good partnership relation with big construction projects and a broad distribution system is a great success, resulted by enthusiastic contribution from excellent people of OSEVEN. Considering that human resource is the push factor, and creator of magic, our mission is to bring the success opportunities to everyone.

With a crowded and dynamic staff force, where each person is doing a different job and having different ambition, their common point is the highest devotion to the great family OSEVEN. That is a very precious thing that more than anyone, we deeply understand and always treasure. Thus, we want to create the best working environment, bringing to them joys and passion in work, facilitating them to perform highest capacity, and offering promotion opportunities in future.

OSEVEN has become a familiar brand in Vietnam, and look forward to developing strongly on international level. We have the honor to be trusted by clients within and outside Vietnam. During the management and operating process of the company, our goals are set for perfection of product quality, improvement of services by non-stop creativity and high professionalism, and utilization of advantages on management and financial strength, whereby improve the scale, and diversify the products; therefore generate good profit and bring in maximum benefit to the shareholders. This profit source is built on the base of sustainable and long-term development. Besides, we also attach the company benefit to the social benefit as building houses for poor people, and contributing to charity activities…

In orientation to become an economic group specialized in woodworking industry, we define that wood paint business shall be the core for all other businesses. It is also strong means to accumulate for the future and present the power of OSEVEN. We are moving forward to a higher perfection of management system, improving the human resources, and expanding the business co-operation to achieve the highest professionalism.
Best regards

Nguyễn Thanh Phong

Chairman, CEO