I hate the scrapes on the hardwood.  Could Oseven Wood Paint resist the impacts that cause scratches?

At present Oseven have scratch-resistance products PU in house with code: K99 (flat wall paint), K77 (gloss paint), hardener (KL79). This product will create hard coating membrane to minimize abrasion at the lowest level, resist the mechanical impacts and keep the salon beautiful and luxurious.

White is currently popular on the market, but when using white color to pain on the white products, it begins to color. Could Oseven wood paint fix this problem?

Oseven has white paint with superior quality, against coloring .time of against coloring up to 10 years when using white paint PU in house. Note: Using the full set of Oseven products and implement correctly paint process to achieve the best results.

Can we paint Oseven wood paint on other non-wood materials?

Oseven wood paint is the product specialized in wood, however, we still paint it on the other material instead of wood with suitable ratio when mixing PU mixture to paint.

Why should I choose Oseven wood paint to paint wood products in the family? 

- Oseven product is guaranteed in 10 years (if full set of Oseven products are used).

- Painting furniture with PU paint is taking a lot of time, inconvenient to move and arrange objects. That’s why you can take your ease with Oseven paint because the film of paint is enduring by the time.

-Hard film of paint, anti-scratch, enduring color by the time

-The products meet standards: friendly with environment, safe for users’ health.

Where can I buy Oseven wood paint?

The company currently has over 1,500 points of sale around the country. So when having a demand, customers please call us through number 1900 7207 to be consulted about painting techniques as well as the nearest point of sale.

At home, I have used a lot of wood and metal furnishings should each painted bird painting selected for each category. Whether OSEVEN wood paint can pain on items made of metal or not?

OSEVEN is specialized for wood products so it works best on wood, it is acceptable to paint on concrete, brick or other materials but the quality is not ensured.

I found that recently PU paints on the market seems to have the same types. How to distinguish the difference of Oseven wood paint?

The difference of OSEVEN comparing to other paint products are various types, long-term warranties, guaranteeing for customers’ health, friendly with the environment.

What is the difference between paint indoor and paint outdoor leading to the gap between two types of paint? Can I use the best paint indoor to paint outdoor?

Paint outdoor contains a special ingredients to resist UV rays. Film of pain is elastic better, color durability is higher. No matter how good the quality of paint indoor is, it cannot be used for outdoor because it cannot resist the UV rays.

How is the durability of PU paint? How long should we repaint? When being repainted, does the object keep the color?

OSEVEN paint warranty is 3 years for paint outdoor, ten year for paint indoor but it does not mean after 3 years or ten years it is damaged (such as car or motorcycle warranty is within 100,000 Km or 2 years but that product can be used in several dozen years).

My house has wood Pơmu furniture after a time I found black plastic layer scraping the paint. What is the phenomenon? Is there a way to handle?

It is the phenomenon that wood has oil, it is ok if we do not touch, but when we paint, the oil will muzzle the exit point of oil in wood, at certain time oleoresins in wood will push the paint out. To solve this problem, painting anti-oil layer then painting primer coat and covering paint. OSEVEN is called anti overflowing oil substance, which is used for wood Camxe, Pơmu, Pine.

My house is constructed by PU paint, without supervisor, how can I know whether the mason skip the primer coating step then painting cover the surface or not?

If they skip the primer coating step, touching on the surface will feel rough, not flat. Looking by eyes, we will see the surface of paint absorb the wooden pin hole.

When finished spraying the surface of products containing bubble phenomenon, so what is the cause?

The coat below has not dried but you keep spraying the next coat, many coats overlap or blending hardener.

Specializing in the production of furniture made of Oak wood, I want the customer's product keep the durability and beauty on the surface of the oak, what should I do?

At the moment, Oseven wood paint has a product called wiping color for wood, you should use the wiping color mixing with oil to get the favorite color then cleaning oil embryo and wiping off the coat on the surface fully, you will get the nice color of wood and high duarbility.

It is said that OSEVEN primer coating paint outdoors is very durable, recorded in the technical notebook is 10 year warranty. So I used to paint the door outside my house, I have a 10 year warranty from company?

Durability of wood products due to many factors, from good wood withstanding the weather, process of blending and painting technique ensures the technical requirements. When painting correct types and technical requirements, OSEVEN paint can keep color as new in 5-6 years and protect the product in 10 years completely.

The weather is cold and humid but we are still forced to paint products perfectly. How to keep paint dry as in normal weather conditions?

In this case, increasing the ratio of hardener according to the experience of each painter.

In the cold season, , to allocate product to customers quickly, some units paint and using more anti- mold substances , the question how much anti –mold substances is  reasonable?

If the paint in cold season conditions (below 20° C); increasing the mold from 3% to 10% of gasoline is reasonable. After finishing painting, putting the product in the drying room, use the high voltage lamps for drying.