Paint color fading or paint peeling often happens to wooden furniture. Why is that?

There are two reasons the color fades or the paint peels when the paint has only been sprayed for a short amount of time.

The first reason is the painting procedure. The painter doesn’t follow the correct ratio when mixing the paint, or doesn’t sand the previous layer of paint thoroughly.

The second reason lies in the paint itself. Using low-quality paints not only leads to paint peeling and fading but also affects your health.

If there is paint peeling on wooden salons, the best option is to repaint, otherwise the wood will be ruined due to a lack of protective paint coating, and above all, the furniture will lose its aesthetic appearance. However, remember to follow the technical procedure when painting, and choose trusted brands of wood paint, for example Oseven paints, which are of high quality, safe for your health, and most importantly, offer a 10-year warranty for furniture.