My house has a front door and 2 windows, all of which are made from excellent wood. I have to repaint them every year but the paint peels and the color fades after only 6 months. After nearly a year, the layer of paint is gone. If this continues, my door and windows are going to be ruined. Is there any kind of paint that can protect the wood better?

This problem may come from the painting technique and the quality of the paint. Normally, to increase profit, paints with unknown origin are popular among consumers due to their low prices.

However, the drawback of using these kinds of paint is:

Toxic, strong paint smell, bad to both the consumer’s and the painter’s health.

Besides, using low-quality paint will lead to peeling and cracking, which ruin the quality of the wood.

Therefore, it’s best to use non-toxic paint that comes with warranty so that you can get the desired result, save money and stay safe.

Oseven exterior paint, with 3-year to 5-year warranty, high quality and safe for your health, is the best brand of wood paint in Vietnam.