Besides the real wood furniture, the faux wood furniture is also very popular in the market. So how to easy to painted the grain of wood ? What is the best PU paint. Let us refer to the tutorial video below!

Using OSEVEN PU paint to draw a grain of wood is the best choice. Because the ensure and reliability quality with this product can be applied to any type of material such as concrete pillars, sash , iron door, aluminum door, furniture ....



After mixing OSEVEN, you can drawing as follows:

Step 1: Draw each section of grain by conical on any material .

Step 2: Repainted again to the ridge with the dark and light of different colors to create like real grain.

Step 3: Brush the spot and rotate to create the knots like real for pillar.

Step 4: If you are creative. You can mixing thin paint and make it flow from high to low.