My village throughout the year has been associated with the rice, and years away from my hometown recall so many emotions. I still remember the plated green leaves rippling under the wind, the white storks flying in the middle of the immense fields, the paddy branch with the scent of milk. In this season, the rice flower blossoms and it is also the last harvest season. Farmers from all over the village call for each other to go to the Tet market after the harvest. Everyone tingles with joy, excitedly talk on all over the fields. We buy some new clothes, fruits, cakes, and we also renew our homes, then dry the banana leaves, prepare the sticky buns to pack the cakes. Tet in my hometown is not fancy, but full with truthfulness and prosperity. I still remember when I was a kid, what I liked best was watching the other family members packing the cakes and listening to grandmother telling stories about Tet, surrounded by laughter. When I think back, I still crave grandmother’s sticky buns, of which the taste I could not find elsewhere. That day, I knew how to help my family celebrate Tet! Every year, my friends in the neighborhood and I take a race to find the fruit tray of five fruits, as the wish of a new year "to have enough for a wealthy life".


Excitedly waiting for Tet is the feeling I like best, my family will cook and gather together to wait for the countdown to the moment of New year. Although we have grown up, however busy my sister and I are, we still try to return home to celebrate Tet with family. I have no brother, so most of the hard work in the family is handled by my father. Every year when Tet arrives, my father repairs the roof, replaces the pillars damaged by terminates, clean and paint the house. He has aged a lot so I really appreciate him.  This Tet, I try to arrange my work for earlier return so that I can help him with some of the house work. Yet, it is surprising that he has finished everything before I return, and also helped my mother and sisters with the cakes – Did someone help him? - I keep wondering until mom told me: ‘Your dad does not have to repaint the house or replace the pillars anymore, he keeps on looking at and complimenting on the house, all thanks to the Oseven Wood Paint you gave him last year”, I smiled with pride for giving him such a special present. This Tet is now more cheerful and meaningful.  I love my family, indeed, there is no Tet as pleasant as the Tet in your hometown. May everyone have a joyful and meaningful Tet like I do, and thank you “Oseven wood paint!”


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